Friday, January 30, 2009

What You Need To Know Before Landing On The Blog World: Stick To The Topic

As far as blogging is concerned, you are invited to write about anything you wish to. But it is necessary that the contents of items in the blog should all relate to a general theme. The majority of your readers are keen about the contents that relate to a specific defined theme or loosely defined area of interest. So first decide the theme, define it and then stick to it. Once you are satisfied, you have started a hot topic, leave the rest to the other bloggers who are left with but the opportunity to weave interesting threads of contents, which are sure to gain momentum with more number of encouraging bloggers.
While choosing the topic, go for the hot ones which would be of much interest to many. Discussing about affairs which were on the news some months ago may turn down your readers. If you want to keep your blogs alive and expect good response, select a hot topic. Most of the bloggers may not prefer discussing ‘history’ of events considering it a waste of time. This in turn will be questioning the value of your columns.

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