Saturday, January 24, 2009

RSS Agregator

RSS aggregator or reader is a software that collects content from many websites that publish new content regularly provide a list of headlines of the latest content. In addition to displaying these headlines on their own websites, it is very common for publishers to make them available for syndication, so that other websites or applications can also include their headlines. When a website has an RSS feed, it is said to be “syndicated”.
The RSS aggregators come in many different forms and flavors. The most popular are desktop applications and RSS aggregation web services. In the case of desktop RSS aggregators, end-users have to download them to their computers and install them there. In RSS aggregation web services the users can create their own accounts and then use those websites to view RSS content directly from their Web browsers.
When any new content item is modified or updated in the RSS feed, the user is notified of that through his RSS aggregator. The content is also immediately available to him, without having to face any SPAM filters and other obstacles on the way.
RSS being essentially a pull-content delivery channel. In order to receive content via RSS the end-users need to subscribe to the RSS feeds they desire. Content cannot be delivered to people who have not granted permission to be contacted by you. At the same time, the user who had given permission once can revoke it instantly, taking away your capability of communicating to them.


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