Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eight Strategic Steps to Developing a Successful Web Site

Eight Strategic Steps to Developing a Successful Web Site:
  1. Do our Research. Understand our objectives, the target market, the products/services, and the competitive landscape. We can review market research studies, conduct a competitive analysis, host focus groups, hold interviews, run surveys, and look at other Web sites to see what they’re doing and what works.
  2. Prepare strategy to create a convincing architecture for our Web site that speaks directly to our target and drives the action we want them to take.
  3. Design our graphical user interface and prepare persuasive content. We need to create the atmosphere that captures our audience and doesn’t let go. Before moving into development, we should have the content of our Web site prepared and organized
  4. Build the Web site and supporting applications. Coding of the Web site should be based on our audience requirements and best practices.
  5. Test and publish the Web site to the host server. Before releasing the Web site to the public, check everything and make sure that everything simply works properly.
  6. Market our Web site through both online and office mediums that reach our customer.
  7. Measure and monitor the success of our Web site and online advertising initiatives.
  8. Test, refine, and improve. There is always room for improvement. Our Web site will constantly evolve and grow over time to adapt to changing consumer needs and changes within our business.


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